Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Retired K-9s

Retired K-9’s who have served the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.

See also our Current K-9s

K-9 Scout & Deputy Katherine Tkach
Deputy Katherine Tkach
& K9 Scout

Retired K9 Duke
Deputy Todd Moody
& K9 Duke

Retired K-9 Vulcan
Deputy Eric Robinson
& K9 Vulcan

Retired K-9 King
Deputy Doug Woodard
& K9 King

Deputy Jason Ryan
& K9 Buster

Retired K9 Fergie
Deputy Kelly Boden
& K9 Fergie

Retired K9 Jason
Deputy Cathy Bryarly
& K9 Jason

Retired K9 Ned
Deputy Mitch Rosebough
& K9 Ned

Retired K9 Titan
Deputy Richard Peebles
& K9 Titan

Retired K9 Duce
Deputy Eric Robinson
& K9 Duce

Retired K9 Sally
Deputy Cathy Bryarly
& K9 Sally

Retired K9 Rocky
Deputy Todd Moddy
& K9 Rocky

Retired K9 Boomer
Deputy Kelly Boden
& K9 Boomer

Retired K9 Chewy
Deputy William Manes
& K9 Chewy

Retired K9 Ruger
Deputy Jim Chamberlin
& K9 Ruger

Retired K9 Nuke
Deputy Charlie Villarreal
& K9 Nuke

Retired K9 Adam
Deputy Jon Shiels
& K9 Adam

Retired K9 Nero
Deputy Jason Oehlkers
& K9 Nero

Retired K9 Luke
Deputy Scot Williams
& K9 Luke

Retired K9 Magnum
Deputy Lance Enholm
& K9 Magnum

  • S. Cullen – K-9 Arcas
  • C. Cunning – K-9 Yakko
  • R. Surratt – K-9 Max
  • S. Davis – K-9 Leroy
  • E. Little – K-9 Sinbad
  • F. Harper – K-9 Trigger
  • K. Hall – K-9 Bacchus
  • L. Trever – K-9 Pipper
  • B. Cavaliere – K-9 Yakko & K-9 Rusha
  • K. Graves – K-9 Nuke
  • C. Pringle – K-9 Kila & K-9 Keeno

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