Starting Jan. 1, the minimum wage in unincorporated Boulder County is $15.69/hour.

A partir del 1 de enero, el salario mínimo local en la zona no incorporada del condado de Boulder será de $15.69/hora.

Online Land Survey Deposit Form

Determination of when to Submit a Land Survey Plat (from C.R.S. §38-51-107)

Every professional land surveyor who accepts a monument while performing a monumented land survey shall prepare a plat if such monument is not of record either in the clerk and recorder’s office of the county in which the monument lies or in the public office designated by the county commissioners or if such monument is set pursuant to Section §38-51-104. No (survey) plat shall be required to be prepared or deposited if the monuments accepted or set are within a platted subdivision that was filed at the clerk and recorder’s office within the previous twenty years.