Apply for a Building Contractor’s License

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Online Application Submittals: Apply for a Building Contractor's License

Permit Records & Online Application Submittals is a website Boulder County uses for online planning, permitting, and licensing services.

Walkthrough of the process to apply for a building contractor’s license. See individual steps below.

In this Permit Records & Online Application Submittals guide, we’ll walk you through the steps needed to submit a building permit application.

You will need to have an account to submit a building application. If you have not created an account yet, please go to our register for an account guide.

Watch the entire process in the video, or follow the individual steps below.

Apply for a Building Permit walkthrough

You’ll need to be on the Permit Records & Online Application Submittals webpage. If you have not yet found it, this is a direct link to it:

1. Login

You will need to login if you are not already logged in.

You can log in at this web address:

2. Click the Licensing tab then create an application.

Click on the licensing tab, then select create an application. You must click the licensing tab in order to view the create an application option.

3. Accept the terms

Check the box next to I have read and accept the above terms. You may need to scroll down to see the box. The terms you are agreeing to are Boulder County’s Privacy Policy and Legal Information for the website.

After you check the box, click Continue Application button to the you to the next screen.

4. Select the License type

On this screen, you will select the license type for which you are applying for, for contractor licensing you will select “Building Contractor Application Request”

5. Select the contact.

This screen will show two options. Select yourself or owner and Enter New Contact.

IMPORTANT: All contact information must be for the owner, president or principal of the company.

6. Verify and Enter Contact Information

Verify and enter the contact information for the president, owner or principal of the company.

Note: Address, phone number and email are required.

Click continue when all information is entered.

7. Confirm Contact Information for Accuracy

A screen will appear with a green checkmark saying “contact added successfully” below this you will see a summary of the information you entered for your contact.

Click Continue Application.

8. Enter License Classification/License Information.

On this screen you will need to enter the license information.

You will then upload corresponding documents such as ICC Exam or Reciprocating License.

After you have entered all requested information, click Continue Application.

9. Complete the lawful presence section

Answer the questions in the lawful presence section, upload the corresponding documents.

Then click Continue Application.

Note: These questions and documents need to be answered as and for the president, principal, or owner of the company. It also needs to match the original contact selected.

10. Complete the Workers Compensation Section

Enter worker’s compensation information and upload the corresponding documents.

Click Continue Application when all information is entered and the documents are uploaded.

11. Complete Liability Insurance Information.

Enter liability insurance information and upload the corresponding documents.

Click Continue Application when all information is entered, and documents are uploaded.

12. Final Review

A final review page will open that shows all information you have entered. If you need to make any changes, click the edit button for that section.

After confirming all information is accurate, click Continue Application.

Note: Clicking Continue Application will submit your application request. Please double check all information for accuracy.

13. You Have Successfully Submitted your Application Request.

You have successfully submitted your application.

On this screen you will see a green confirmation banner advising that your application has been successfully submitted.

Please remember, your application is not yet complete and your license has not been issued. Do not start work.

You will be contacted upon questions and completion of your application.

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