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Public Hearing Speaker Signup Confirmation

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March 15, 2023 Planning Commission Public Hearing Format and Speaking Times

This public hearing will be conducted in a hybrid format in person or virtually using Zoom. A Zoom account is not required to join, but registration is required both to attend and/or to speak during the public comment portion of the hearing. You may join the virtual hearing online or via telephone.

March 15 time allotments for each item for speakers will be:

  • Individual speakers will receive 3 minutes to make their comments
  • 2 people pooling their time will have 6 minutes total* (*designated speaker for the pool will speak)
  • 3 people pooling their time will have 9 minutes total*
  • 4 or more people pooling their time will have 10 minutes total*

Note: (*designated speaker for the pool will speak). All individuals donating/pooling time will need to be present at the virtual hearing when the designated pool speaker for the pool is called.

In-person speakers will provide public comment first, followed by virtual attendees. Online virtual speaker registrations are automatically time stamped at time of sign-up. Those time stamps will determine the order in which virtual speakers will be called to address the board.

Screen sharing will not be available for public use during the hearing. Members of the public may provide materials to staff for review by the Planning Commission ahead of the public hearing for review. Written comments or materials may be submitted to planner@bouldercounty.org

You may submit questions about the hearing or the your participation as an attendee or speaker via the Ask A Planner form, or call 303-441-3930.

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