Uncrewed Aircraft Systems & Drone Policy

Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) & Drone Policy

Boulder County allows limited use of uncrewed aircraft systems for scientific research, operational monitoring, and agricultural uses on open space.


Uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS), also known as drones, are a helpful tool for natural resource monitoring and research. The policy gives staff the discretion to determine whether flights will be allowed on county open space.

The policy does not allow visitors to use UAS on open space. UAS usage by visitors is prohibited in accordance with the existing Rules and Regulations for county open space.

Request for UAS on Open Space

All UAS flights and operations on county open space must be approved. If you are interested in using UAS on open space, please complete the permit request (available in both .docx and .pdf formats) and submit to Barry Shook, 303-678-6183.

Permits for drones filming or photographing commercial activities will not be considered.

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