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Partnership Program
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Open Space Partnership Program

Local businesses, schools, youth and recreation organizations are currently committed to helping us care for our open space and trails. Your organization can partner with us too.

Partner With Us

It’s Rewarding

We provide satisfying team-building projects that positively impact the community and the environment.

It’s Fun

Projects are educational and offer opportunities for employee bonding and morale enhancement.

It’s Easy

All tools, materials, supervision and guidance are provided.


  • Commit to at least one volunteer project each year
  • Projects are typically 3-5 hours
  • Bring 8 or more volunteers
  • Have fun while giving back to the community and environment

Get Started

The first step in becoming a partner is to sign up for a custom project.

Once you’ve completed a project, we will follow-up with you to see if you are still interested in becoming a partner.

Request A Custom Project

Types Of Projects

Trail Maintenance

Trail Maintenance
Restore grade-dips, clean out water diversion structures, resurface the trail tread, and make other general trail improvements. Available April-October.

Seed Collection

Seed Collecting
Enjoy the peace of open space while collecting native seeds.

Forest Restoration

Forest Restoration
Restore unhealthy forests, enhance aspen stands, and reduce the risk of wildfire by thinning small trees and building slash piles. Available year-round.

Weed Wrangling

Weed Wrangling
Help fight noxious weeds. Your efforts will restore and protect vital wetlands, forests, and meadows. Available year-round.

Ways We Thank Our Partners

Our partners do so much to help us care for our open space and trails. These are just some of the ways we thank our partners.

  • Sign acknowledging participation at the cared-for area
  • Large, framed landscape photograph
  • Acknowledgments on Facebook and Twitter
  • Mention in quarterly Images magazine
  • Annual Partnership Appreciation Event
  • Eligibility for the Partnership Award

Partnership Award

The award is given at the annual Partnership Event and recognizes an outstanding partner that has participated in at least two annual volunteer projects or contributed 64 hours or more of scientific monitoring during a calendar year to provide the department with useful data.

  • 2019: Crocs for outstanding contribution to projects at Heil Valley Ranch
  • 2018: Defenders of Wildlife for their stewardship of many county properties
  • 2017: Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures for their stewardship of the Canyon Link trail at Betasso Preserve and so many other county trails
  • 2016: CU – Program for Writing and Rhetoric for their stewardship of many county properties
  • 2015: Redstone Cyclery for their stewardship of Hall Ranch and Heil Valley Ranch
  • 2014: Level 3 for their stewardship of Heil Valley Ranch and many other county-owned properties
  • 2013: Colorado Geocachers for their stewardship of many county-owned properties
  • 2012: Amgen for their stewardship of Pella Crossing
  • 2010: Smartwool for their stewardship of Betasso Preserve
  • 2009: Boulder Mountainbike Alliance for their many years of trail building and maintenance

Special Thanks!

Thank you to the Boulder County Parks & Open Space Foundation for their generous financial donation toward the following projects:

  • Remodeling the Volunteer Naturalist Center at Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat.
  • Purchased a portable sawmill to use to process forestry project logs and create benches and tables for visitors.
  • Funding a wildlife staff person to reach out to adjacent landowners for wildlife protection and partnerships.
  • Contributing to the graphic design services of the Walnut Wonders booklet.

Current Partners

Thanks to our current partners for their commitment to preserving, maintaining and improving open space.

Work Project Partners

Businesses and organizations that have participated in at least one annual group stewardship project, or in this year’s case, reached about their interest in participating in a 2021 project but were not able to do so due to staffing shortages, or those partners who have been in contact about their continued interest in participating in the Partnership Program but who were not able to organize a volunteer group due pandemic constraints.

  • Alexander Dawson
  • Altona Middle School
  • Boulder Area Trails Coalition (BATCO)
  • Boulder Climbing Community (BCC)
  • Boulder Country Day School
  • Boulder High School – Mountain Bike Team
  • Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA)
  • Boulder Trail Runners (BTR)
  • Boy Scouts of Boulder County
  • CE Broker and EverCheck
  • Cemex
  • Community United Church of Christ
  • Corden Pharma
  • CU ENVD Ecology Plant Design Class
  • Defenders of Wildlife
  • Emerson Micro Motion
  • Hygiene Community Association
  • KBI Bio Pharma
  • NetApp/Solidfire
  • New Vista High School
  • OptTek
  • Qualcomm
  • Roarie Bummlers Homeschool
  • Rosemount DP Flow
  • Tetratech
  • University of Colorado Boulder – Program for Writing & Rhetoric
  • Verily
  • Voltage
  • Watershed School
  • Wildland Restoration Volunteers
  • Zeal Optics

Donor Partners

Businesses or organizations that contribute cash, supplies, or help to recruit volunteers during a calendar year.

  • Boulder Climbing Community
  • Boulder County Audubon Society
  • Boulder County Nature Association
  • Boulder County Parks & Open Space Foundation
  • City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks
  • Flight for Life Colorado
  • Foothills United Way
  • Front Range Climbing Stewards
  • Goats Galore 4-H Club
  • Interfaith Quilters
  • Larimer County
  • Longmont Astronomical Society
  • Longmont Kiwanis Club
  • Medicine Horse Program
  • Night Ize
  • Ocean First Institute
  • Patagonia
  • People for Bikes
  • Rocky Mountain Fire Authority
  • Skratch Labs
  • St. Vrain Cidery
  • St. Vrain Valley School District
  • State Farm, Longmont
  • University of Colorado Museum of Natural History
  • Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado
  • Wildland Restoration Volunteers
  • Workday

Scientific Monitoring Partners

Businesses or organizations that participate in scientific monitoring which provides the department with useful data.

  • Longs Peak Middle School
  • St. Vrain Valley School District – Innovation Center


Read about all the great work our partners did last year in the Partnership Program Accomplishments.



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