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Memorial Bench Donation

Memorial Bench Donation

The deadline to request a memorial bench was Feb. 29. Information for the next cycle will be announced in early 2025.

The memorial bench program provides an opportunity to honor, remember and pay tribute to loved ones. Memorial benches also support efforts to enhance open space properties while benefiting the entire community.

Memorial Benches

Requests for new memorial benches were accepted Jan. 2 – Feb. 29.

  • Memorial bench cost: $3,000 and covers the construction, installation, and maintenance of a standard Parks & Open Space bench. Bench is made from a durable recycled material.
  • Term limit: 15 years with the option to renew for another 15 years.
  • Benches can be requested for deceased people only (sorry, no pets or animals).
  • Information for the next cycle will be announced in early 2025.

Memorial Bench

Optional Plaque

  • A plaque may be added, but it must be paid and ordered by the requesting party.
  • Must be a 3” x 5” bronze plaque with raised letters and a hidden mount (drilled and tapped for two bolts on the back side).
  • Manufactured by an outside vendor of your choice to our specifications (we can suggest some vendors).
  • Text must be large enough to be legible.
  • Text only. No icons or flourish, and no paint or color may be added to the plaque.

Other Info

  • The time frame between the initial request and the installation of the requested bench may vary greatly depending on the location and time of year. Please maintain reasonable expectations.
  • The final decision for bench requests will be determined by a team of staff members who will review all requests. It is not possible to fulfill every request.

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