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December 13, 2019

Boulder County’s Waste Hauler Ordinance updates approved

The Board of County Commissioners approved an updated version of the Waste Hauler Ordinance 2016-1. This ordinance governs licensing of those providing collection and/or transportation of discarded materials within the unincorporated area of Boulder County.

Boulder County, Colo. - The updates to the Waste Hauler Ordinance from 2016 include a change that will allow the county to track materials more efficiently by adding aggregate materials, sand, gravel, concrete, and rip rap to the list of tracked materials.

In addition, the county is adding a requirement for waste haulers that offer regularly scheduled curbside collection to also offer their commercial customers recycling and compost service. These efforts will help increase diversion of waste from landfills throughout the county through more accurate tracking of materials and by providing commercial customers recycling and compost options with their waste services.

The county is looking forward to these changes to the ordinance, Boulder County Commissioner Elise Jones has this to say about the changes: “Boulder County is a leader on Zero Waste, and offering more options for people to recycle and compost is another positive step in that direction. Hopefully, we’ll inspire other jurisdictions to follow suit in expanding their programs. It’s so important for preserving our natural resources and for climate reasons to keep the ball moving forward on Zero Waste."

Copy of the updated Waste Hauler Ordinance (2019-3)

For more information: Hauler Ordinance Policy

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