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Materials for HEAL Training for Child Care Providers

Materials for HEAL Training for Child Care Providers

Materials for Healthy Eating Active Living Trainings

The following materials are used for a training for child care providers to improve their center’s ability to promote healthy eating and active living.

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Teaching children to eat a healthy, balanced diet is critical to their development and leads to healthier long term outcomes. Helping kids get active is another way to get them off to a great start. Child care providers are in a unique position to influence these behaviors from an early start.

Training Opportunities Online

Maine Health – Let’s Go

  • Eat Right, Grow Strong: Nutrition for Young Children
    Overview of what specific foods should be offered to young children along with how and why these foods should be offered. The goal of this module is to educate childcare providers on how they are helping to shape children’s eating behaviors, and how they can create an environment that promotes and supports healthy eating. (1 hour)
  • Moving Children to Good Health: Physical Activity for Young Children
    Basics of physical activity for young children and the role body movement has in proper development. The goal of this module is to educate childcare providers on the gross motor recommendations for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, as well as the important role child care programs and their staff plays in helping children develop active lifestyles. (1 hour)

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Institute of Child Nutrition

  • CARE Connection ‐ Serving Nutritious Foods in Child Care
    This course features key information for serving nutritious foods while in child care settings. (2 hours)
  • CARE Connection ‐ Planning Cycle Menus in Child Care
    This course is designed to provide the end user with key practices for planning cycle menus for child care settings. (2 hours)\CARE Connection ‐ Step‐by‐step Menu Planning in Child Care – based on the Grab and Go Lesson: Step-by-Step Menu Planning from the CARE Connection resource for child care providers. Menu planning is an essential task child care providers can adopt to ensure children receive healthful meals that look and taste great. (4 hours)
  • Nutrition 101 4th Ed.
    Basic foundation in nutrition, current dietary guidance, the importance of physical activity in health, and awareness of personal taste preferences and healthful food choices. (8 hours)

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Penn State Extension

  • Better Kid Care On Demand Modules
    Offering over sixty 1 and 2-hour courses in a variety of topics, including: Childhood Obesity Prevention, Healthy Foods, Healthy Beverages, Physical Activity, Children Can Cook, Food Allergies, Food Safety, Outdoor Play, Family-Style Dining, Picky Eaters, Snack Time, etc. Options for Family Child Care. Some courses available in Spanish. (2 hours)

Course content is open. Course fee of $5/class required to take post assessment and receive certificate.

Child Care Aware

  • From Food to Physical Activity
    Explore the importance of healthy eating, proper nutrition and physical activity in the early childhood setting. The strategies for minimizing the development of childhood obesity issues will be identified. In addition, the topics of responding to and accommodating food allergies in young children will be addressed. (4 hours)

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