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CHP Program Alignment with CO Shines
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CHP Program Alignment with CO Shines

The Child Health Promotion program aligns with the Colorado Shines System

Colorado Shinescolorado shines logo Start early start strong quality early learning is a state Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) that assigns quality ratings to child care programs, similar to rating systems for other service-related industries like hotels and restaurants.

Colorado Shines Points System

Earn points for levels 3 – 5 of Colorado Shines by participating in Boulder County Public Health programs.

Points determine quality ratings for levels 3, 4, and 5. The point system is designed to be flexible and allow programs to develop and demonstrate quality in multiple ways.

Each of Levels 3-5 requires programs to achieve a minimum number of total points and a minimum number of points in each of the five standard areas that research has shown are related to program quality.

Colorado Shines Standards

Colorado Shines standards are a quality rating and improvement system.

  1. Workforce and Professional Development
  2. Family Partnerships
  3. Leadership, Management, and Administration
  4. Learning Environment
  5. Child Health

The Child Health Promotion (CHP) Program program offers training that awards points in standards #2 (Family Partnerships) and #5 (Child Health).

Colorado Shines Standards

Boulder County Child Health PromotionFamily PartnershipChild HealthLearning Environment
Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) 5210 recognition
2.8 = 2 points5.5 = 1 point
Health Resources2.2 = 1 point5.5 = 1 point
Breastfeeding Friendly (BFF Certification)
2.10 = 2 points
2.11 = 1 point
5.6 = 2 points4.6 = 2 points
Medical Insurance5.2 B = 2 points
Nutrition Education
2.8 = 2 points5.6 = 2 points
Movement & Learning
5.5 = 1 point
Farm to Early Care & Education (gardening)
5.7 A = 1 point
5.7 B = 1 point

Colorado Shines Documentation

The standards in the table above refer to relevant Colorado Shines documentation below.

Family Partnership

  • 2.2 health resources (WIC, Children with Special Needs, Breastfeeding /HEAL resources)
  • 2.8, 2.10 Event sign-in (with specific learning domains identified, agenda, action planning/goal setting form)
  • 2.11 Written procedure, referral tracking log, staff training log

Observational Assessment of the Classroom or Program

  • 4.6 The program has conducted a self-assessment using an assessment tool in addition to the ERS and uses results to inform the quality improvement plan

Child Health

  • 5.1 A&B written policy, forms used & resource lists shared with families; actual screening
  • 5.2B – Healthy Kids medical home resources
  • 5.4 A&B Certified Playground Safety Inspection certificate and related action plan
  • 5.5 Classroom schedules, lesson plan, observation data
  • 5.6 Business card of Nutritionist, sign-in sheets, flyers (for staff and/or parents)
  • 5.7 A&B Photographs & observation, written description/report

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