Child Care Licensing Regulations
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Child Care Licensing Regulations

The State of Colorado determines licensing regulations for child care facilities in Boulder County. Please call 303-413-7502 if you have any questions.

Licensing Regulations

Child Care Health Consultants

A child care health consultant is a trained professional who works with child care professionals to recognize and promote the health and safety of children, families, and child care providers.

Swimming Pools

Prohibited Animals

According to State of Colorado Regulations (page 41), some animals are prohibited in child care facilities because they pose health risks.

Live Poultry Can Cause Illness

Among other animals, live poultry are prohibited in child care facilities because they can cause serious infections.

This includes:

  • Adult birds
  • Chicks
  • Ducklings

These regulations pertain to

  • The premises of facilities caring only for children under the age of five
  • Classrooms with children kindergarten age or younger or communal areas that these children use in facilities that also care for children over five.

Because infections from these animals spread via fecal-oral transmission (hand-to-mouth behaviors), the use of these animals in other classrooms where older children engage in frequent hand-to-mouth behaviors is discouraged.

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