Zero Waste Coupon for Businesses

Zero Waste Coupon for Businesses

$150 off Zero Waste Services

Boulder County Resource Conservation Division wants to support your business in reducing waste by offering a coupon worth $150 towards Zero Waste services. Coupons are available to Boulder County businesses that sign up for new recycling services or take the next step towards Zero Waste by committing to new composting services!

Recycling and composting will not only help businesses to enhance their positive public image, but will also increase savings from reduced trash disposal cost, foster employee pride through positive company initiative, divert valuable resources from the landfill, and reduce their environmental footprint!

As City of Boulder businesses move closer to compliance with required composting and recycling services, please know that these coupons can also be used for adopting hard-to-recycle services like Eco-Cycle’s CHaRM on the Road program.


Zero Waste Business Coupons are available through your waste hauler. Please check with your hauler for availability and to sign up. You may also contact the Resource Conservation Division at 720-564-2220 or email Conservation for more information. Coupons are available on a first come, first serve basis until funds run out.

Other Waste Diversion Assistance

For other waste diversion assistance contact the PACE (Partners for a Clean Environment) Business Hotline, 303-786-PACE, or visit PACE on-line at

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