Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

About Household Hazardous Waste

About Household Hazardous Waste

Resident Household Hazardous Wastes

Many products used in the home, garden, garage and hobby shop have hazardous characteristics. The Hazardous Materials Management Facility brochure provides additional information.

Who is Eligible for the Service?

All residents of Boulder County including all cities, towns and unincorporated areas; all residents of City and County of Broomfield; and all residents of the Town of Erie (not restricted to just the Boulder County area) may drop off household hazardous waste at Boulder County’s Hazardous Materials Management Facility (HMMF). This includes the incorporated cities and towns of Boulder, Jamestown, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, Lyons, Nederland, and Superior, and Ward. Proof of residency (for example, your driver’s license, vehicle registration, voter identification, tax certificate, lease agreement or utility bill) is required when you drop off your wastes.


No charge to drop off household hazardous wastes for Boulder County, City and County of Broomfield, and all Town of Erie residents. Each community pays for the participation of its residents, Boulder County pays for the participation of unincorporated and residents of smaller communities. Other outside counties not listed above will be charged a fee of $45.00 per visit. There is a 400 pound limit per day, anything over 400 pounds will be charged disposal fees.
Collection Events: Broomfield, Longmont, and Superior also hold annual or periodic hazardous waste collection events for their residents. Please call your local town/city hall for details.

Identifying Hazardous Waste

The following warning words on the product container will alert you to the hazardous nature of the product:

Poison, Toxic, Corrosive, Volatile, Flammable, Inflammable, Combustible, Explosive, Danger, Caution, Warning, Harmful

These wastes require proper disposal. Through proper disposal, some hazardous wastes can be recycled or used as an energy saving fuel.

Review our list of acceptable common household items for disposal. Call 720-564-2251 with any questions.

Proper Disposal

Hazardous Materials Management Facility (HMMF) accepts household hazardous wastes from residents of Boulder County and Broomfield County and all of Erie. Hazardous wastes will be recycled or disposed of properly.

Hazardous Waste Disposal for Businesses services for businesses, by appointment only.

Improper Disposal

Improper disposal, such as throwing them away with your household trash, dumping them in storm drains or sewer or septic systems, is dangerous and can:

Injure garbage collectors and landfill workers by exploding aerosol cans, splashing chemicals, or poisonous fumes created by mixed chemicals
Cause fires from chemical reactions in garbage collection trucks
Pollute the ground and ground water from leachate leaks
Endanger your health, the health of others and the environment

Proper Use & Storage of Hazardous Materials

Follow the directions on the label.
Ask the dealer or manufacturer to provide more explanation if needed.
Don’t use more of the product than is recommended.
Never mix products; this can lead to explosions or poisonous gas being released.
Use hazardous products in well-ventilated areas and always use gloves, eye protection and air purifying respirators whenever warranted.
Never eat, drink or smoke where hazardous products are being used.
Keep products in their original containers.
If you do have to use a different container be sure to label adequately to prevent poisoning and for safe use and disposal.
Store all hazardous products upright, tightly sealed, and away from pets, children and food.

Transporting Household Hazardous Waste

  • Never mix different chemicals! Toxic fumes or an explosion can result and it prevents recycling of the materials.
    Leave waste products in their original containers, and make sure caps and/or lids are securely closed. Gasoline is highly flammable and should only be transported in purpose-designed gasoline cans or containers. Do not transport hazardous wastes in the same part of your vehicle as children or pets.
  • If the original container is leaking or damaged, place the entire container in a larger container such as a clean paint can, plastic bucket, or wrap securely with plastic. If you wrap up a container so that the original label cannot be seen, mark the contents to the best of your ability, and be sure to tell the collection staff what the contents are.
  • Separate different types of waste, such as paints, motor oil, batteries, pesticides, acids, etc. Place containers upright in sturdy cardboard boxes or plastic trays, and pad with newspaper. You may also want to line your car with plastic before you pack the car.
  • Put containers in trunk or rear of your car, not on passenger seats. Come straight to the Hazardous Materials Management Facility to avoid any problems with the waste.
  • Don’t eat, drink or smoke while handling household hazardous wastes. Wash your hands after handling these materials. Never put hazardous waste into trash bags or trash cans. Lids can come off causing chemicals to mix and possibly creating dangerous reactions.

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