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In January 2022, we implemented the approved Colorado Redistricting Commission changes for Boulder County. This resulted in some changes in district numbers and boundaries. The maps available on our website reflect the 2022 redistricting changes.

Precinct active voter counts were also reviewed to ensure the count was not greater than 2,000 as required by statute. This resulted in some precincts being combined and an overall reduction in the number of precincts. Finally, we renumbered the precincts to eliminate gaps in precinct numbers. Learn more about the Redistricting and Reprecincting processes here.

This table summarizes the district number changes that occurred.

District Before 2021 Redistricting After 2021 Redistricting
Congressional CD 2, CD 4 CD 2
State Senate 16, 17, 18 15, 17, 18
State House 10, 11, 12, 13, 33 10, 11, 12, 19, 49
Precinct 240 precincts
  • Reduced number of precincts
  • Renumbered precincts
  • 3-digit precinct number changed for most voters as a result of renumbering

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