2017 Ballot Return Statistics

2017 Coordinated Election Ballot Return Data

Boulder County Ballots Received to Date

Active, eligible (18+) registered voters through November 7, 2017: 217,124
Includes all mail ballots returned and all in-person ballots through date listed.

Date TotalsTotal through date:
Mon, Oct 238,065
Tues, Oct 2410,082
Weds, Oct 2514,004
Thurs, Oct 2616,860
Fri, Oct 2718,336
Mon, Oct 3026,168
Tues, Oct 3129,028
Weds, Nov 134,061
Thurs, Nov 238,607
Sun, Nov 550,323
Mon, Nov 662,425
Weds, Nov 894,981

We begin reporting these figures weekdays for the day/days prior approximately two weeks before Election Day. Additionally, numbers may differ from final election results due to 8-day final processing of military/overseas ballots and ballot resolution. This page is updated weekdays at approximately 10-11 a.m.

Undeliverable Ballots

Date TotalsUndeliverable Totals through Date
Thru Mon, Oct 232679
Tues, Oct 247032
Weds, Oct 2512,095
Thurs, Oct 2616,266
Sun, Oct 2916,367
Mon, Oct 3017,842
Tues, Oct 3120,717
Weds, Nov 120,717
Thurs, Nov 220,992
Sun, Nov 521,203
Mon, Nov 621,416
Weds, Nov 821,608

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