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2016 General Election Ballot Return Statistics

2016 General Election Ballot Return Statistics

Boulder County Ballots Received to Date

Active registered voters through November 18, 2016: 218,097*
Includes all mail ballots returned and all in-person ballots through date listed.

Date TotalsACNDEMGRNLBRREP UAF UNITotal through date:
Mon, Oct 241111,353911302,9694,951019,505
Tues, Oct 251416,7471411864,5127,388228,990
Weds, Oct 262821,7961842476,2149,913238,384
Thurs, Oct 273126,4162233157,86112,278547,129
Sun, Oct 303732,4672734079,89715,482758,570
Mon, Oct 314540,05333854212,49020,153773,628
Tues, Nov 15644,89237862814,32023,196983,479
Weds, Nov 27350,84943674916,78727,242996,145
Thurs, Nov 38655,41149285018,57530,36210105,786
Sun, Nov 611065,9746261,07222,81838,66414129,278
Mon, Nov 714776,9727811,40827,70449,03223156,067
Weds, Nov 920888,7371,0412,00033,52763,19727188,737
Weds, Nov 1622690,6601,0912,13634,35465,27229193,768

We begin reporting these figures approximately two weeks before Election Day. If a date is not listed, either no ballot processing took place that day or no significant ballot processing took place that day. Additionally, numbers may differ from final election results due to 8-day final processing of military/overseas ballots and ballot resolution.
This page is updated weekdays at 10 a.m.

* Note that the active registered voters count reflected above does include a small percentage of voters who are under 18 at present. Colorado law allows residents to register to vote as young as 16. Only active voters who are age 18 on or before Election Day will be mailed a ballot or able to vote.

Undeliverable Ballots

Date TotalsUndeliverable Totals through Date
Thru Mon, Oct 24218
Tues, Oct 25390
Weds, Oct 262,103
Thurs, Oct 273,218
Sun, Oct 305,140
Mon, Oct 315,140
Tues, Nov 16,463
Weds, Nov 26,750
Thurs, Nov 37,109
Sun, Nov 67,111
Thurs, Nov 177,711

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