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2024 General Election - Vote Center and Drop Box Public Input

Dear Boulder County Voters,

Even-year general elections require multi-year planning and preparation. That is why we are asking for your input now to help with the planning of our Vote Center (Voter Service and Polling Centers) and 24-Hour Mail Ballot Drop Box locations for the November 2024 General Election.

Boulder County Elections uses a geographic siting tool to help identify areas to place Vote Centers and attempts to equitably distribute them throughout the county based on population centers and serving historically under-represented communities. However, we need to have public input to help identify new locations we should consider, as well as variables such as traffic impacts or challenging parking. Additionally, we seek feedback to find out if there is a neighborhood, and potentially a specific location, you think would be an excellent location for a 24-Hour Mail Ballot Drop Box.

Vote Center location recommendations should consider the following factors: accessibility and convenience, proximity to population centers and public transportation, accessibility for persons with disabilities, accessibility for historically under-represented communities, and facilities that can ensure the security of voting equipment. Additionally, while we do occasionally use religious facilities to host Vote Centers, and are grateful to have access, it is best practice to use alternative community spaces, when possible.

Locations for recommendations for 24-Hour Mail Ballot Drop Boxes must allow for the installation of a security camera on premise, which requires availability of electrical power and internet service. Security footage is captured 24-hours a day when ballot boxes are open. While Boulder County’s number of ballot boxes already exceeds the legal requirement needed, we are always looking for additional locations and feedback on the boxes already in place.

Before submitting recommendations and public input on Vote Center and 24-Hour Mail Ballot Drop Box locations, please review the following:

2024 Tentative Vote Center locations

Current Established 24-Hour Mail Ballot Drop Box locations

While the statutory deadline to submit official comments to Boulder County Elections regarding these locations is April 29, 2024* (see Colorado election statue for details: 1-5-102.9(1)(c)(II) and 1-7.5-105(1)(b)), it is much more valuable to have your early input in order to potentially act on your feedback.

Please use the survey form below to submit comments. You may also submit comments in-person (use Motor Vehicle / Recording drop box to submit if office is closed) or by mail at 1750 33rd Street, Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80301.

*There is a later secondary comment period that ends in June 8.


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