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Research, Surveys, and Plans

AAA Research, Surveys, and Plans

Planning and Implementation

The Area Agency for Aging provides leadership in assessing the strengths and needs of older adults; facilitates strategic planning and implementation; and funds and provides services to benefit older adults and their family caregivers.

During 2018, the Colorado Association for Area Agencies on Aging (C4A) authorized National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) to conduct a survey of older adults across Colorado and in each area agency on aging (AAA), including Boulder County. The survey was funded by the NextFifty Initiative. The documents posted below include:

  • The Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults™ (CASOA™) for Boulder County
  • A Subgroup Comparison Report for Boulder County that includes demographic cross tabulations and geographic subgroup cross tabulations that compare results from the municipalities of Boulder, Erie, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, and Superior
  • The CASOA™ report for the state of Colorado
  • The Subgroup Comparisons across Colorado. Interested parties can locate the report for each of the sixteen AAA regions on the C4A website.

The CASOA™ provides a statistically valid survey of the strengths and needs of older adults as reported by older adults themselves in Boulder County and across Colorado. These reports are intended to enable local governments, community-based organizations, the private sector, and other community members to understand more thoroughly and predict more accurately the services and resources required to serve an aging population. For questions regarding the CASOA™, please email Lindsay Parsons at

Research, Surveys, and Plans

Boulder County Area Agency on Aging conducts research about the region and participates in planning every four years. This results in an Area Plan, which is submitted to the State Unit on Aging describing how federal and state funds will be used in the region. At the same time the Age Well Boulder County strategic plan is updated.

The Area Plan for the July 1, 2019- June 30, 2023 period (as submitted to the State Unit on Aging) and Age Well Boulder County for 2015-2019 are linked below:

Archived Research and Reports

Survey and community conversation reports from 2010 are shown below for comparison purposes. The 2010 reports also include comparisons with State of Colorado data:

The Area Plan for the July 1, 2011- June 30, 2015 period (as submitted to the State Unit on Aging) and Age Well Boulder County for 2011-2015 are linked below:

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