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Circular Economy Funding - Previously known as ``Zero Waste Funding``


Each year, Boulder County Public Works’ Resource Conservation Division (RCD) distributes $100,000* as part of its Circular Economy Funding Program, which was previously known as Zero Waste Funding. The Circular Economy Funding Program, formerly known as “Zero Waste Funding,” has been in place for the past 26 years and has provided over $1.5 million to local groups seeking to advance the Circular Economy and make a real impact on climate change through innovative and progressive projects that enhance resource conservation and foster circularity in Boulder County.

Please submit any questions via email to obtain clarification of requirements concerning this funding opportunity by Friday, Aug. 18, 2023. No inquiries will be accepted after this date. Inquiries should be directed to Cody Lillstrom at Responses to inquiries will be published on this webpage by Wednesday, Aug. 23. Applicants are not to rely on any other statements that alter any specification or other term or condition of this funding opportunity.

Funding breakdown (New for this year!)

The $100K total funding is divided into two funding categories for applicants:

  • $25K dedicated to smaller projects with a minimum request of $1,000 and a maximum of $15,000
  • $75K dedicated to larger projects with a minimum request of $30,000 and a maximum of $75,000

The use of matching funds is not required. Local governments, non-profits, school districts, individual schools, and private companies may apply as long as the scope of work is within Boulder County and county-related insurance requirements are met.

Application & Forms

Applications for the 2023 Circular Funding year are now being accepted. Complete proposals must be received at the Resource Conservation Division office by 2 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 8 to be considered. Email completed applications to or mail them to Resource Conservation, C/O Cody Lillstrom, 1901 63rd St., Boulder, 80301. Please make sure your read the introductory packet and complete all forms provided below in order to submit an application.

Successful Applications from a Prior Year (for example)

Eligibility Requirements and Project Criteria

Circular Funding projects provide an opportunity for, organizations and businesses to participate in Boulder county’s vision of becoming a zero waste community and closing the waste loop through circular economy practices. The details of this vision are outlined in the Boulder County Zero Waste Action Plan. In addition to programs supported in prior years, the 2024 focus will be on circular economy progress and supporting the newly passed legislation in Colorado including; focus on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), plastic pollution reduction, and contamination in organic waste diversion. The county will also accept and consider applications for programs that fall outside of this limited focus. Established in 1997, this funding has awarded more than one million dollars for education and infrastructure initiatives that promote waste reduction and diversion.

For More Information

For inquiries or clarification of this program, contact Cody Lillstrom, Zero Waste Program Manager,

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