Local Food and Agriculture
Wheat field closeup at Ludlow Ranch

Local Food & Sustainable Agriculture

Support for Agriculture

The county will encourage the preservation and sustainable use of agricultural lands as a current and renewable source of food and feed and for their contribution to cultural, environmental and economic diversity.

Local Food Production

The county will encourage and support local food production to improve the availability and accessibility of local foods and to provide other educational, economic and social benefits.

Sustainable Agriculture Practices

The county will promote sustainable agricultural practices on publicly owned lands and will encourage them on private lands. Sustainable practices include production methods that are healthy, have low environmental impact, respectful to workers, are humane to animals, provide profitable agriculture opportunities to farmers and support farming communities.

Regional Efforts to Enhance the Food System

The county will participate in regional agricultural efforts and implement recommendations at a local level to the extent appropriate and possible. One such effort is Restore Colorado, a USDA-funded public-private collaboration to improve resilience and tackle climate change through food and healthy soil on local farms and ranches. Click here to learn more about this initiative.

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