Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

2021 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Storymap

2021 Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Cover Photo

Boulder County conducts a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory roughly every five years to quantify our emissions from human activities and helps us track progress towards emissions reductions goals.

View the 2021 Boulder County Greenhouse Gas Inventory here.

Our inventory uses the Global Protocol for Community-scale GHG Emissions Inventories (GPC), a globally-recognized process and standard designed for cities and counties. Our report includes countywide emissions data, and also break them them down by sector and community. This information helps us understand the largest sources of carbon emissions and take focused action.

To align with science-based targets and the IPCC’s call for limiting global average warming to 1.5°C, Boulder County has updated our emissions reduction goal. Boulder County now aims to reduce countywide emissions by 80% from 2021 levels by 2030, and achieve carbon neutrality by 2035.

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