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Subdivision Paving Incentive Fund

Subdivision Paving Incentive Fund

In 2015, in response to unincorporated Boulder County subdivision property owners requests for road maintenance assistance, the Boulder County Commissioners approved an annual $1 million incentive fund that can be used to rehabilitate subdivision roads that are not eligible for reconstruction that is performed by the Transportation Department.

Under current county policy, rehabilitation or reconstruction of unincorporated local subdivision roads, including paving, is the responsibility of the property owners who use the road to access their property.

Since 2009, the county has been working with subdivision property owners to find a solution for fixing their deteriorating roads. The recently established incentive fund can help form a financial partnership where the county and property owners share the costs for the work.

If you and your neighbors would like to begin discussions with the county on partnering to repair your subdivision’s roads, please complete the request form and Boulder County Transportation will contact you about getting the process started.

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