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Niwot Road Cottonwood Tree

Cottonwood Tree on Niwot Road Slated for Removal

A large Cottonwood Tree located at 7916 Niwot Road (map) has been identified by an arborist as dying and as a safety hazard to passersby due to the threat of falling limbs or the possibility of the tree splitting in the middle as the insides have decayed considerably (see image below). According to the arborist, approximately 85% of the tree’s trunk is now hollow or in considerable decay.

Boulder County Public Works is scheduled to remove the tree, but we wanted to hear from residents on their thoughts about the tree and if they’d like to see the trunk preserved as other trees have along Niwot Road. Boulder County would pay for the cost of removal, but would not pay for the cost to preserve the tree’s trunk. There may also be other thoughts about what to do with the tree, so please let us know using the form below.

The photo below shows the tree slated for removal (red star)

Cottonwood Tree on Niwot Road slated for removal

Photo below shows the hollow insides of the tree at the base

Rotted insides of a cottonwood tree on Niwot Road that is slated for removal

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