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Western Mobile Complex Open Space

Western Mobile Complex Open Space

Gravel Mining Operation in the St. Vrain Creek Valley

Martin Marietta Materials Inc. is currently seeking permission to commence gravel mining operations in the St. Vrain Creek Valley. Boulder County Parks & Open Space bought the Western Mobile Open Space in 2001, subject to existing mining permits issued by the State of Colorado, Division of Reclamation, Mining, and Safety (DRMS) and Boulder County. Consequently, the county’s open space interest is subject to these pre-existing rights to mine.

Parks & Open Space does not have a decision-making role in determining whether or not Martin Marietta has permission to mine the area. The county’s regulatory role over mining lies with the Boulder County Land Use Department in its administration of the Land Use Code, and the final decision-making authority lies with the Board of County Commissioners.

In terms of the role of the Parks & Open Space Department in the review process, the department owns and manages the surface of portions of the proposed mining area on the Western Mobile Open Space. Parks & Open Space has documented significant natural and historic resources along the St. Vrain Creek Corridor as well as opportunities for providing public use of the lands. Parks & Open Space has provided this information to the Land Use Department, DRMS, and Martin Marietta, all with the goal of conserving and enhancing the natural resources and long-term open space values of the property wherever possible.

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