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Caribou Ranch & Sherwood Gulch Fuels Reduction

Caribou Ranch & Sherwood Gulch Fuels Reduction

A 100-acre forestry thinning project is being conducted on the Caribou Ranch and Sherwood Gulch properties.

Project Operations

The selected contractor, Summitt Forests, Inc., began operations on Feb. 7 at Caribou Ranch, north of CR 126, in order to be completed with that section of the project before the April 1 seasonal closure of Caribou Ranch. The contractor will then move south of CR 126 to the Sherwood Gulch property to complete the project.

Trail users must adhere to all posted safety signage and exercise extreme caution when in the project area. To ensure safety, visitors must stay on trail and never approach active forestry operations.

The project is scheduled to be completed by late-spring 2022, dependent on weather and other factors.

Project Overview

The main objectives are to reduce overstory density, remove ladder fuels, and establish a forest structure that is more resilient to wildfire and insect and disease issues. The treatment will aim to build a mosaic pattern of groups and clumps, isolated trees, and openings.

The work will also strive to maintain age class, size class, and species diversity on the site. The site has aspen pockets, lodgepole pine pockets, open ponderosa, and mixed conifer, and the work will look to retain these components. Additionally, trees that are identified as legacy trees (trees with old growth characteristics) will be retained and promoted throughout the site.

The project is partially funded by a State Fire Assistance Wildland Urban Interface Grant and matched with internal funding and staff time.

Caribou Ranch and Sherwood Gulch Forestry Project Map

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