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July 5, 2017

Statement regarding recent Presidential Commission request on voter data

Our office
has received many questions in regard to the
Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity’s
request for voter registration information.
I understand your concern and your desire to safeguard your personal

The request for data is being made directly to the Secretary
of State, not to our office. The Secretary of State has put out a
public response to the commission saying
they were going to only provide publicly available voter data.

By law, voter registration records are public records, although
some personal information contained in voter registration records remains
private. For more information about what aspects of your voter registration are
public and which aspects are private, including information about becoming a
confidential voter, please see this
statement from the Colorado County Clerks Association.

Because our office is not directly involved in responding to
the commission’s request, if you have further concerns on the matter, I
recommend you reach out to the Secretary of
State’s office

I will also state that our office has concerns over the real
purpose of the presidential commission and what message collecting this data
sends to voters. I firmly support all efforts to make it easier for voters to
participate in the election process and reject attempts at voter intimidation
and voter suppression. I will be
watching carefully in the coming months to see what actions this commission


Hillary Hall, Boulder County Clerk & Recorder