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March 4, 2016

Refined designs available for Upper Fourmile Canyon Drive and Gold Run Road; Fourmile Canyon project updates

Hello Fourmile Canyon Flood Recovery-Related Listserv Subscriber -

Updated (60% design phase) plans for upper Fourmile Canyon Drive (Salina Junction to Sunset) and Gold Run Road have been posted to the project website and are available for review. This set of plans is much more detailed and are close to what will be used as actual construction designs. The engineering team is currently meeting with property owners who reside next to construction zones to help them understand the designs and so that we can gather additional input from them that will help refine the plans even further. If you're a property owner in a construction zone who'd like to meet with us, please let me know and I'll set it up.

After meeting with residents and conducting additional filed surveys that will gather fine details surrounding environmental, cultural and historical impacts, the engineering team will update plans to the 90% phase, which makes them ready to be put out for advertisement for actual construction services. The team anticipates putting the plans out for bid early this summer and would like to move both areas into construction before the end of July.

Salina Junction Update

Work at Salina Junction is moving along well and the contractor believes the work will be completed on time in May. I'd like to thank everyone who has had to wait at the site's traffic lights for their patience and understanding. Crews installed the final box yesterday, which completed the 110'-long culvert. A photo of that work is available below. Next week, crews will begin pouring the concrete footers that will hold up the wingwalls on each end of the project. After the walls are set, stone masons will begin work to cover them with rock that has been removed from the construction site to give the structure a more natural look and feel. More information is available on the project website.

Salina Junction project

Lower Fourmile Canyon Update

Engineers are currently working on the next set of designs for the two sections of lower Fourmile Canyon Drive that were destroyed by the flood. They anticipate having updated plans available for public review in April. This set will still be at the 30% design phase and it will incorporate public feedback that was gathered regarding the "Zero Rock Cut" and "Rock Cut" design options. The updated set will be made available ASAP on the project website. Plans to gather public feedback on the updated designs are currently being developed and will be shared as soon as they are finalized.

Please let me know if yoiu have any questions or comments about any work taking place in Fourmile Canyon or about any roadway throughout Boulder County.

Have a good weekend.



Andrew Barth
Boulder County Transportation