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March 7, 2017

Poverty simulation event scheduled for Sunday, March 19

Reservations are required for this important community activity

Boulder County, Colo. - Poverty
is a complex issue in Boulder County. While the federal poverty level is
$24,300 for a family of four, that same family in Boulder County requires an
annual income of $86,628 to pay for health care, transportation, food, child
care, housing, taxes and the miscellaneous costs of raising a family.*

you understand about poverty in our community will determine how you react to
it, and what actions you take. To help fill that gap, the Boulder County Circles
Campaign is holding a Poverty Simulation the afternoon of Sunday, March 19.
Learn what the working poor must deal with every day.

What: Circles Campaign Poverty
When: Sunday, March 19, 1-4 p.m.
Where: First Congregational Church, 1128 Pine St., Boulder
RSVP: Reservations required. Contact 303-441-1503 or

Participants in this dynamic, hands-on experience
are given a budget to work with and then must make the hard choices required of
families with limited resources. What bills do you decide to pay this month? What
do you do when a child or parent gets sick and you don’t have insurance? Can
you afford healthy food for your family, if not who goes hungry?

While closing the wage gap requires access to education, training, and transitional work supports that provide real opportunities over the long term, understanding and connecting to real-life circumstances can propel a community to support other interventions and solutions for the working poor. These three hours can help you better understand
the problems faced by many in our community. Three hours that can guide how you
respond to poverty in Boulder County.

The event is free, but
reservations are required. For more information about the event or to RSVP,
Jessica Austin
at 303-441-1503 or

*Colorado Children’s Campaign, 2016

poverty simulation