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December 30, 2015

Political Party Affiliation Deadline for Caucus Participation is Jan. 4

Boulder County, Colo. – The deadline for currently registered voters to either switch party affiliation or to change from an unaffiliated voter to the Republican or Democratic Party in order to participate in the March 1 Republican and Democratic Party precinct caucuses is Monday, Jan. 4, 2016.

First-time voters and currently registered Republicans or Democrats who have moved recently must update their voter information by Monday, Feb. 1, to participate in the Republican or Democratic precinct caucuses on March 1.

A Precinct Caucus is a neighborhood meeting conducted by the political parties, where affiliated voters may get involved in selecting delegates for their party’s County and State Assemblies. This is an important step in the democratic process, because the delegates will eventually elect county, state and congressional candidates to appear on the party’s June 28 Primary Election ballot, and also approve a party platform for 2016. In addition, registered voters who attend the Caucus may register to be an election judge for the upcoming elections.

Any registered voter who is affiliated with the Republican or Democratic Party may attend the caucus in their precinct for that party. Boulder County’s Republican and Democratic Party caucuses will be held in the evening on March 1 at schools, community centers, churches and other locations. Each political party organizes and conducts its own caucus meetings. For more information about the Boulder County Republican Party Caucus, call 303-443-6606. For more information about the Boulder County Democratic Party Caucus, call 303-442-3423.

Monday is also the last day to affiliate with a major (Republican or Democratic Party) or minor party in order to run as a party candidate in the primary. It is also the last day to register as unaffiliated, in order to be placed in nomination (by petition) as an unaffiliated candidate.

For more election information, call 303-413-7740.