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October 5, 2016

Planning Commission Agenda: Wednesday, October 19



Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Afternoon Session – 1:30 P.M.

Commissioners Hearing Room, Third Floor,

Boulder County Courthouse, 1325 Pearl Street, Boulder


Approval of the August 30, 2016 Joint Planning Commission/Board of County Commissioners Hearing Minutes and September 21, 2016 Planning Commission Minutes.

Informational Item - Public Testimony Will Not Be Taken

3. Docket DC-16-0003 Storm Drainage Criteria Manual Update
The Boulder County Transportation Department, with the help of an engineering consultant, has prepared an updated Storm Drainage Criteria Manual for adoption. The updated manual will repeal and replace the county’s first manual, published in 1984. Changes in stormwater criteria, practices, and regulations over time necessitated a revision. The updated manual intends to address the great majority of design elements, site characteristics, and regulatory conditions that may be involved in drainage design projects across the county. It also intends to provide clear guidance and criteria that will expedite the review and approval process for various county applications. This will require text amendments to the Boulder County Land Use Code Text to include references to the updated manual and noting that it will be the authoritative reference for drainage. Action requested: Recommendation to BOCC. Public testimony will be taken. (Staff: Dave Webster, Transportation Department)
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4. Docket BCCP-15-0001: Boulder County Comprehensive Plan Open Space Element Update
Land Use and Parks and Open Space staff will present the recommended update to the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan Open Space Element. Planning Commission previously reviewed this matter at a June 2015 meeting, at a joint study session with the Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee in April 2016, and as part of a staff update at the August 2016 Planning Commission meeting. Action requested: Decision. Public testimony will be taken. (Staff: Nicole Wobus, Land Use Department; Tina Nielsen, Parks and Open Space Department)
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5. Docket BVCP-15-0001: Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Policy Update
Staff will review the policy update process underway as part of the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Five Year Major Update, and will highlight key items proposed for revision. Planning Commission members will have an opportunity to ask questions of staff, discuss topics of interest, and provide recommendations for changes to the current proposed policy updates. Discussion item only. No public testimony will be taken. (Staff: Nicole Wobus and Amy Oeth, Land Use Department)
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6. Docket DC-15-0003: Proposed Boulder County Land Use Code Amendments to Article 4 and Article 18 regarding firing ranges
Staff will present proposed text amendments to Articles 4 and 18 of the Boulder County Land Use Code. The proposed changes include provisions to improve health and safety protections related to use of land for firing ranges. Action requested: Recommendation to BOCC. Public testimony will be taken. (Staff: Dale Case and Amy Oeth, Land Use Department)
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Detailed information regarding these items is available for public examination on the Boulder County Land Use website at or at our office located at 2045 13th Street, Boulder, Colorado 303-441‑3930. Staff recommendation packets will be posted to the project page approximately one week prior to the hearing.