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November 15, 2016

PIE program celebrates 15-year anniversary

program of Foothills United Way and Boulder County Community Action Programs promotes
financial education and savings

Boulder County, Colo. - Foothills
United Way
together with
Boulder County Community Action Programs, is proud to announce the
15th anniversary of
its Personal
Investment Enterprise (PIE) program. PIE is a local savings program designed
for residents with low income in Boulder and Broomfield counties.

Since 2001, the PIE program has helped both
individuals and families make informed financial decisions and reach economic
stability. As part of the program, participants enroll in financial education
classes, and have their savings for home ownership, education, or a new
business matched at a rate of four dollars to every dollar they contribute.

PIE Program is the perfect example of how we work collaboratively for the
greater good,” says Doug Yeiser, CEO, Foothills United Way. “Our partnership
with Boulder County Community Action Programs has created an innovative
solution with a preventative focus and a long-term goal of building financial
security, which not only sets people up for success, but benefits the community
even more.”

date, the PIE program has
258 graduates that have saved over $240,000,
which has driven more than $1.25 million into Boulder and Broomfield economies.
Of the 258 graduates,
participants have become homeowners, 99 have pursued a post-secondary
education, and 58 individuals have started their own small business.

has been a life changing program for many in the community. “Before the
program, I thought going to school was impossible for people in my family,”
says a recent participant. “The PIE program helped to develop my confidence to
continue my education.”

another client explained, PIE can have a profound effect on whole families. “I
can’t describe the gratitude that I have for PIE,” explains a recent graduate.
“Since completing this class, and after we were able to buy a house with the
PIE program’s help, my husband and I have been a positive influence for his
aunt and my parents. They both bought homes this year.”

its inception, PIE has empowered local residents with low income to achieve new
heights,” explains Eliberto Mendoza, Manager of Boulder Community Action
Programs. “PIE provides a structure for families and individuals to access
opportunities to save, to build, and to plan for the future. At the end of
their PIE experience many are closer to reaching their American dream of home
ownership, post-secondary education, or of starting their own business.”

By providing area residents with the tools
they need to begin saving and build assets, the PIE program is helping individuals
find the confidence and power they need to become economically stable

To learn more about the PIE program, contact Rosemary
Thompson at 303-895-3412 or To apply or receive information about becoming a
participant, contact Nino Gallo at 303-440-3998 or


Personal Investment Enterprise (PIE) program is a local savings program
provided through Community Action Programs of Boulder County and Foothills
United Way. The program is designed for families with low income to enroll in
financial literacy classes and save through a matched saving account at a rate
of four to one. The first step in applying to the program is to attend an
orientation meeting with Nino Gallo at Community Action Programs at Boulder
County. Nino may be reached at 303-441-3998 or at For more information on
the PIE program visit


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Broomfield counties with an emphasis on strengthening families for early
childhood success, working toward attainable housing for all and ensuring
residents are prepared for crisis through strong community resilience. Our goal
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