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September 7, 2017

Notice to Property Owners who were denied a property value adjustment by the Boulder County Assessor’s Office

Boulder County, Colo. (Sept. 7, 2017) - Any property owner who filed an appeal with the Boulder County Assessor’s Office by the June 1, 2017, deadline and was denied an adjustment to their real property value for a property that resides in Boulder County has the right to petition the Boulder County Board of Equalization (BOE) for further review of their appeal. The deadline to petition the BOE is Friday, Sept. 15.

The BOE anticipates that they will schedule more than 1,600 hearings in the next six weeks for property owners who petitioned to have their property value appeals reexamined after they received a Notice of Determination from the Boulder County Assessor’s Office denying their appeal.


The Board of Equalization is the second stage in the process for property owners who appealed their 2017 real property valuation through the Boulder County Assessor’s Office and were denied an adjustment.

Notices of Determinations were sent to property owners in late August, and property owners have until Friday, Sept. 15 to either hand-deliver or send in their petition to the Board of Equalization with a postmark of Sept. 15 - or prior - to be considered for review.

Please mail or deliver to Boulder County BOE, 1st Floor, 1325 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80302. By state law, all BOE hearings must be concluded by the end of October.

After receiving all petitions, the BOE will schedule hearings with an unbiased hearing officer for property owners who disagree with their Notice of Determination.

Note: It is not uncommon for a hearing to be scheduled within as few as three days’ notice to property owners. Therefore, it is imperative that petitioners check their mail frequently, as hearing officers can’t reschedule hearing dates. Property owners who provide an email address will also receive information via email. If a property owner misses the assigned hearing date, the hearing will still move forward with the evidence presented in written form to the BOE.

We recognize that property owners are often concerned that hearing dates are assigned on such short notice. In fact, one of the most frequent complaints we hear is that property owners don’t have enough time to prepare for their hearing once they are informed about its date and time. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of petitions expected and a strict state statute which requires that all hearings be completed prior to the end of October, we have to act quickly to fill all available time slots. While we do our best to give property owners as much advance notice as possible, sometimes the required hearing times and dates need to be assigned with little notice.

There are approximately ten hearing officers reviewing the materials provided by both the Assessor’s Office and property owners. This year, we expect these officers to conduct hearings on as many as 2,500 appeals.

In 2017, as part of its biennial property value assessment cycle, the Assessor’s Office sent out 119,514 Notices of Value to residential and commercial property owners and received 13,007 appeals for a property value adjustment. Of those appeals, 8,742 were denied adjustment and 4,217 were adjusted as part of the appellant’s Notice of Determination.

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