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February 16, 2016

Localized Discount Purchase Program Launches Feb. 16

County residents can access discounts for rooftop solar
now; electric vehicles and commercial discounts coming in April

Boulder County, Colo. - Boulder County and its municipalities are providing another
reason to join the thousands of households that have already chosen solar. Solar
Benefits Boulder County provides a greater incentive for residents to invest in
solar by further reducing the price of local residential rooftop solar. The
program will include discounts on electric vehicles and commercial rooftop solar
in the spring.

“Last year’s Solar Benefits regional program made going solar
simple and more affordable for Front Range residents, and this year’s program
is no different. Solar Benefits Boulder County provides Boulder County
residents with even better pricing,” said Susie Strife, Sustainability
Coordinator for Boulder County.

The 2016 Solar Benefits Boulder County residential solar rooftop
offering is now available to homeowners living in all communities within
Boulder County.
take advantage of reduced pricing, participants must sign a contract with
program partner Namaste Solar by May 31, 2016.

homeowners receive a no-cost, no-obligation site evaluation to determine if
their home is suitable for solar. Homeowners will then work with a local solar installer,
Namaste Solar, who was selected by the program's community evaluation
committee. Compounding multiple customer installations under one umbrella
allows Namaste Solar to offer discounted, "bulk" pricing. There will
be an added incentive for purchasers when the program reaches at least 400kW. Residents can request their home evaluation on the
Benefits Boulder County website

Benefits Boulder County
will help our communities build awareness
about these technologies and help to lower solar costs. We are proud to be
working with municipal partners to help our residents invest in solar, improve
air quality, and build a better energy system one rooftop at a time,” said Boulder
County Commissioner Elise Jones.

Program History
In 2015, Solar Benefits Colorado launched as a partnership of
municipalities and organizations across the Northern Front Range of Colorado. The
program, which engaged local organizations and employers,
pooled the buying power of residents
along the Front Range to make purchasing rooftop solar and electric vehicles
easier and more affordable. Through a competitive solicitation process, an
evaluation committee selected reputable vendors to provide goods and services
to residents at discounted prices. The 2015 program facilitated the purchase of
more than 750kWh of residential rooftop solar and more than 240 electric cars
across the Front Range.

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