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July 22, 2016

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Andrew Barth, Transportation Communications, 303-441-1032

Alexandra Phillips, Bicycle Planner,

Lefthand Canyon construction update

Hello -

This morning in Lefthand Canyon the first 1000 feet of asphalt was applied to the westbound lane from US 36 to just past Streamcrest Drive (see photo below). The same 1000 feet of the eastbound lane will be applied on Monday. This "test strip" will be tested and evaluated over the weekend and into next week to ensure that the asphalt mix is of the correct strength and composition. If all tests come back positive, full paving operations will likely begin on Monday, Aug. 1.

Lefthand Canyon Paving Test

Please be aware that Lefthand Canyon Drive is either a milled asphalt surface (like corduroy) or a gravel surface from US 36 to Glendale Gulch (west of Lee Hill Road) and not currently striped, so please use caution when traveling through the area. While the road will not be closed to cycling, cyclists may want to avoid the area until paving is complete. Expect paving to last through August and into September.

Streamcrest Drive - Monday, July 25 - Asphalt work delays

Residents of Streamcrest Drive are encouraged to leave their homes, if necessary, before 10 a.m., Monday, July 25, because the paving operations will likely be traveling past the entrance between 10 and 11 a.m. and people will not be allowed to drive on a freshly laid surface. The entrance will reopen at noon that same day after operations are complete. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Travel Delays

Expect delays throughout the canyon for the foreseeable future. The contractor will do their best to keep them short (5 - 10 minutes) at each work zone, of which there are currently several throughout the canyon. Flaggers will be used to move travelers around paving operations. The contractor is still working on installing guardrail between Olde Stage Road and James Canyon Drive. When guardrail is being installed, this stretch of road may see longer delays (up to 30 minutes) because of the unsafe nature of the work. Guardrail hammers and drills can toss large rocks several feet. Lee Hill will remain the most viable travel option until all guardrail is installed to the east of James Canyon Drive.

Traffic Signals

As you may have seen, traffic signals are in place in a few locations because the road is simply too narrow to move two cars through the zone in opposite directions at the same time. The signal timing may seem long, but this is because they need to be a bit longer to accommodate for cyclists riding uphill who need to get safely through the zone before downhill traffic is allowed to pass.

The shoofly built at the bridge site between James Canyon and Lee Hill Drive is wide enough to accommodate two cars traveling in opposite directions, but please use caution and travel slowly.

As always, thank you for your time, patience, and understanding while we complete this project. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Have a great weekend.



Andrew Barth
Boulder County Transportation