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October 20, 2017

James Canyon Flood Recovery Project Update

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Hello –

Since there is a lot of work taking place throughout the canyon, I’ll start this update from the upper end of the project and work downhill to the confluence with Left Hand Creek.

You may have noticed that the traffic signals at the lower end of the project have moved uphill near Fike Road (photo below). Next week, KTI will begin the installation of a new 7’ x 7’ reinforced concrete box culvert at this location. They’ll work on one side of the culvert at a time, similar to previous culvert installs, so the road will be reduced to one lane while this work takes place. The same visual sensor equipped signals will be used in this spot, so you can expect similar travel delays as you’ve seen at previous locations.

James Canyon Fike Road Signal

Creek restoration work on the upper end is mostly done. Revegetation efforts will take place in this area very soon. This work should not require many travel delays, except for when plants are being delivered to this area.

Recently, creek restoration crews have begun efforts just below town (photo below). Expect this work to continue for the foreseeable future. There will be infrequent delays (flagger assisted) when deliveries of rock are received and when equipment is moving in and out of the waterway.

Jamestown Creek Work

The culvert at Jenks gulch has received its footers, headwalls, and wingwalls, so work is almost complete (photo below). The walls will be painted when all structures are complete.

Jenks Gulch

Work on the large retaining wall just down from the Jenks culvert is proceeding well. Crews are now working on the concrete footers that will support full wall, the concrete moment slab, guardrail, and pavement (photo below). The traffic signal will remain in this location for the foreseeable future as work continues.

Retaining wall 100

Stream work below the wall is almost complete and, as you have likely seen, revegetation efforts are well underway (photo below). Thousands of plants suitable for this environment are being planted in the two large reaches that have been substantially completed. We will monitor the health of these plants to ensure the planting was successful.

James Creek revegetation

Crews are now forming the footers, headwalls, and wingwalls at the 7' x 7' Castle Gulch culvert(photo below). Lane closures (flagger assisted) will be required when concrete is delivered and poured into the forms. Expect delays over the next two to three weeks, but they should be short as this lane closure zone is small.

Castle Gulch

The retaining wall site above the James Creek/Left Hand confluence is almost done and is awaiting install of the guardrail. This work will likely take place after the other retaining wall is complete in order for rail crews to have two large areas to focus on at the same time. It is unlikely that this stretch will be paved this year, so KTI crews and our own Road Maintenance Division will do their best to keep this gravel patch safely passable this winter.

Retaining wall 8 at lower end of James Canyon

Paving work will most likely take place in the spring when the road is substantially complete in order to minimize the number of times paving crews will need to mobilize, which greatly reduces costs. We’ll monitor the conditions of all gravel road zones and stay on top of maintenance until paving is complete. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you encounter any rough spots needing attention. Dust control will also be a part of routine work at these sites.

KTI has also been building rockeries throughout the canyon. These are essentially retaining walls created by stacking boulders with the goal of providing additional erosion protection. There will be places that require lane closures in order to deliver rock and to provide room for the equipment placing the rock.

Aside from the new traffic signal above town, delays in the canyon should be similar to what has been seen in recent weeks.

Thank you for your time, patience, and understanding as we continue flood recovery project operations throughout James Canyon.

Have a good weekend.



Andrew Barth Communications Boulder County Transportation 303-441-1032