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April 13, 2017

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Injured Mountain Biker Rescued from Walker Ranch Loop Trail

Boulder County, Colo. - On Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at approximately 7:26pm, the Boulder County Communications Center received a call from two mountain bikers who had happened across another mountain biker who had crashed his bike and was in need of medical attention.

The injured cyclist, 25-year-old William Buckner, had been out mountain biking on his own along the Walker Ranch Loop trail in southwestern Boulder County. His bike slid out from under him, causing him to crash and fall onto his left hip and arm. Due to his injuries, he was unable to move from where he had crashed. Additionally, he had not told anyone that he was going out riding. Fortunately, two other mountain bikers, Jason Kiefer and Ryan Cross, happened across Buckner and were able to render aid and call 911 for assistance. Buckner estimated that only approximately 10 minutes had passed from the time he crashed to the other cyclists finding him.

Emergency response personnel included: a patrol deputy and an Emergency Services representative from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, Coal Creek Canyon Fire Protection District, Rocky Mountain Fire Protection District, Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, and AMR Ambulance. The patient was approximately 3/4 of the way down the trail from the trailhead and the AMR ambulance was able to drive directly to him. Rescue personnel were clear from the area by around 9:15pm.

This situation serves as a good reminder of some safety precautions for recreating on our gorgeous trails and natural areas: (1) If possible, do not go out hiking or mountain biking alone, especially in remote and/or treacherous areas; (2) always be sure to tell a responsible person where you are going and how long you plan to be gone. That way, if you do not return by a certain time, they will know to call for help and will know where to send rescuers. Finally, be aware of the weather forecast and be prepared for changing weather conditions. Tonight’s low temperature is forecast to be 45 degrees, so had Buckner not been found he would have been in for a long, cold night.

The associated case number for this rescue is 17-2112.


/s/: Sgt. Clay Leak