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January 20, 2016

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Grant funding awarded for electric vehicle charging stations

Benefits Colorado program creates greater demand for additional charging

Boulder County, Colo. - City
of Boulder and Boulder County governments are accelerating the installation of
electric vehicle charging stations in Boulder County by contributing funding to
Charge Ahead Colorado (CAC), an
electric vehicle and infrastructure grant-funding program formed
in partnership by the Regional Air Quality Council and the
Colorado Energy Office.
In the recent grant cycle, this partnership funded 24 new charging stations in
Boulder County, half of which were funded solely by CAC. Recipients of these
charging stations include local businesses, multi-family housing, non-profits,
and municipalities.

The next application round for
Charge Ahead Colorado grant funding will open in February 2016. Visit for more information about the funding cycle.

the Solar Benefits Colorado program the City of Boulder and Boulder County took
the next step of incentivizing the deployment of electric vehicle charging
The CAC grant furthers the city and
county’s dedication and commitment to improve air quality, reduce climate
change impacts, and increase community energy security.

Boulder County has been working to
increase the adoption of electric vehicles across the region, and we are
excited to provide additional financial assistance to help increase the number
of electric vehicle charging stations across the county,” said Susie Strife,
Boulder County’s Sustainability Coordinator. “By leveraging the great work
of Charge Ahead Colorado, we hope to encourage Boulder County businesses,
non-profits, owners of multi-family housing properties, Home Owners’
Associations, and neighborhoods to install EV charging stations.

Roughly 250 EV charging stations are available throughout
the state for use by the general public. In addition, Colorado residents qualify
for up to $13,500 in federal and state tax credits when purchasing an electric
vehicle, the highest in the nation. Compared to other transportation fuels,
electricity is currently the cheapest at

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