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February 14, 2017

Get involved, help bring new voices to local boards and commissions

Register by Tuesday, Feb. 28; Classes begin
March 7

Boulder County, Colo. - You see it everywhere these
days. People want to do more than just talk with friends or post to social
media about important issues and events. They want to get involved and make a difference in their community.

A great way to get engaged is to start at the
grassroots level and join a local board or commission. PERL (People Engaged in
Raising Leaders) can help with that. The PERL program works with local boards
and commissions to become more inclusive by increasing the variety of people
who participate. PERL, part of Boulder County’s Community Action Programs (CAP),
trains and educates county residents about how local boards and commissions
really work.
Leadership development, communication styles, budgeting, and
fundraising, are just some of the topics PERL covers.

The next PERL session begins Tuesday, March 7. This ten-week
program will focus on connecting community members with the non-profit
organizations and commissions ready to embrace inclusion. Registration is
required by Tuesday, Feb. 28.

What: PERL board leadership training
When: Tuesdays,
6-7:30 p.m., March 7 – May 9 (10 sessions)

Cost: Free, Register by Tuesday,
Feb. 28

Where: Foothills United Way, 1285 Cimarron Dr., Lafayette, CO
Who: Boulder County residents

and commissions can make a real difference by influencing an organization’s direction,
spending and policies. Ideally a board reflects the people in the community,
but that’s not always the case. For instance, while 20% of Boulder County
residents identify as a person of color, only 7% of municipal board and commission
members are people of color.

To change that, local
organizations are striving to become more inclusive. PERL training can make a
difference by helping to increase the number of people of color, and those with
low-income, who take part. Using community outreach, specialized training, and collaboration
with local experts, PERL helps match local boards with the many people across
Boulder County ready to get involved.

If you want to make a
difference, contact Elicia Goodsoldier at, or 303-441-3977, for more information and to register.

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