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November 10, 2016

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Election Day Unofficial Results – Wednesday Update

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Boulder County The Boulder County Elections Division has finished tallying results
for 181,115 ballots
for the 2016 General Election and has posted preliminary unofficial results on
our website - Next, we will process and add in results for
approximately another 4,000 ballots on Friday. This is when we are able to schedule
and have a sufficient number of bipartisan election judges assist with ballot
processing work.

As a normal part of the
election process, there are also remaining categories of ballots left to be
counted at the end of the 8th day after the election. We know for
certain that there is a group of ballots that will get counted and a secondary
group of ballots of which only some will get counted. These categories are
outline below.

Additionally, because of a
county server issue, for part of Election Day some of our Voter Service Centers
had to switch to printing ballots for voters without assigning immediate vote
credit in the Secretary of State database. These ballots must go through the
Provisional Ballot process, which means bipartisan election judges will review
the individual’s voter record to make sure they did not cast a ballot in the interim
between requesting a ballot in-person and the 7 p.m. deadline to return mail
ballots. We instituted this option for voters in order to keep lines moving and
minimize voter inconvenience. However, we were offline longer than anticipated
and have a much higher number of ballots cast that need to be reviewed under
this process. Thus, we anticipate that processing these ballots could take
until Tuesday, November 22, the statutory deadline. We anticipate the vast
majority of these 4,063 ballots to be counted.

The additional categories of ballots
that we know will count and be added to our election results at the end of the
8-day period are:

  • 792 Reserve Ballots – These ballots are held to protect voter
    anonymity for the below categories of ballots. We reserve 3 ballots per
    precinct per district style.
  • 169 “VIPs” Ballots – These are ballots from voters who reside in
    precincts that have so few voters with the same ballot style. Processing them
    together helps protect voter anonymity.
  • 357 Military/Overseas ballots – These are ballots that have been returned via
    email that have already been signature verified but need to be transferred to a
    mail ballot to be processed.

The total for these categories
is 1,318 ballots.

Then, there are the following
categories of ballots that have the potential to be counted at the end of the 8th
day, they are:

  • 944 Mail ballots that have the potential to be
    "cured" by voters

    – These are ballots where one or more of the following verification steps were
    incomplete: the signature on the envelope did not match, the signature on the
    envelope was forgotten, or an ID was required and not provided. These voters
    will be mailed a letter no later than Thursday, November 10 (and sent an email
    if an email is on their voter registration record) informing them of the status
    of their ballot. By law, these voters have until Wednesday, November 16 at 4:30
    p.m. to address these items (8th day following the election).
  • 323 UOCAVA military and overseas voter mail
    – Most military and overseas
    voters that intend to vote return their ballot by Election Day, however, by
    law, UOCAVA mail ballots have until 8 days after the election to be received. Historically,
    we have received less than 10% back from this category for a General Election.
  • 244 UOCAVA military and overseas electronic ballots – These are ballots from military/overseas voters that were transmitted on Election Day. Assuming the signatures on these ballots are verified, these ballots will be added to the preliminary results as well.
  • 547 Ballots that were picked up by Denver
    election officials at the Central USPS mail processing facility at 7 p.m. on election
    – Plus an unknown quantity of
    ballots that may have been returned by the election deadline to another county
    clerk’s office and will be transferred to our office within a few days.
    Assuming the signatures on these mail ballots are verified, these ballots will
    be added to the preliminary results as well.
  • 429 Ballots returned to Drive-by Drop-off
    locations without their proper return envelope
    – These ballots must all be processed manually.
    Assuming the signatures on these mail ballots are verified and they did not
    vote in-person, these ballots will be added to the preliminary results as well.

Thus, from the above
categories, there are upwards of an additional 2,487 ballots that may potentially be added to the preliminary election
results at the end of the 8-day statutory window. Those results will be added
to the unofficial results the evening of Wednesday, November 16 along with the 1,318 ballots that we know will be
counted, highlighted above.

The Elections Division is
choosing not to provide additional categories of breakdowns for any contests
since no contests appear close enough to be impacted by additional ballots
added to the election results.

If a voter would like to check to confirm that we
received and processed their mail ballot, they can check online at While checking on the status of their mail ballot, the Elections Division
encourages all voters to login and sign-up for Boulder County Votes Ballot
Track (available on the Elections website). Once signed-up, voters will receive
alerts on their mail ballot during future elections.

Tentative summary schedule for remaining unofficial
results postings:

Date Addition

Friday, Nov 11 – Approx. 6 p.m. Approx. 4,000 ballots

Weds, Nov 16 – After 8 p.m. 1,318 + the “potential” categories listed above – up to
around 2,487

Tues, Nov 22 – End of Day Ballots cast on election day that need to be reviewed under provisional
(or sooner date/time if
possible) process; Expect majority of the 4,063 ballots to be valid