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January 12, 2016

County Commissioners deliver annual State of the County address

Commissioner Elise Jones named Chair; Commissioner Cindy Domenico named Vice-Chair for 2016

Boulder County, Colo. – As part of the county’s annual
“Reorganization” meeting, the Boulder County Commissioners today presented the State
of the County
address and presided over the annual
task of assigning board positions and appointing various heads of departments
and county officials who serve at the pleasure of the board.

Commissioner Deb Gardner, who served as
the chair of the board in 2015, opened the reorganization meeting by praising
the many hard-earned accomplishments and successes of the county in the prior
year and promised a “banner year” ahead.

The three commissioners then took turns
delivering the State of the County address which serves to celebrate Boulder
County’s major accomplishments of the past year and gives an outlook for the
year ahead. (Read

During the meeting, Commissioner Elise
Jones was named Chair of the three-person Board of County Commissioners while
Commissioner Cindy Domenico assumed the role of Vice-Chair.

An archive video of the State of the
County address will be available on the county’s website

2016 BOCC

Boulder County Board of Commissioners

From left, Deb Gardner (2015 Chair), Elise Jones (2016 Chair), Cindy Domenico (2016 Vice-Chair)