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August 11, 2016

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Andrew Barth, 303-441-1032

CORRECTION – Lefthand Canyon Construction – Expect delays above Lee Hill Drive and below Olde Stage Road

CORRECTION - MILLING OPERATIONS WILL BEGIN MONDAY, AUG. 15. The previous notice said Monday, Aug. 8. Kelley Trucking does not have a time machine...

Hello -

Just a quick update on where you can expect delays in Lefthand Canyon from today through next week.

US 36 to Olde Stage

Expect extended delays (20 to 30 minutes) approximately 1.5 miles up the canyon from US 36 where crews have already started to raise the road. The contractor recently received permission to begin rock removal in this site and the road must be free from cars while this preparatory work is taking place. Blasting at this location will soon follow. The road will need to be closed from 8 a.m. to noon to safely accommodate blasting operations. An update will be provided as soon as this work is scheduled.

Expect delays (5 to 10 minutes) at the bridge site approximately 2 miles up the canyon from US 36. Traffic signals have been placed to move people through the work zone, but flaggers may be used if equipment is in the roadway.

Olde Stage to James Canyon Drive

Delays will be kept to a minimum (2 minutes) while crews focus their efforts on the road above and below this stretch.

James Canyon Drive to Lickskillet Road

There are multiple active construction sites in this stretch and delays can vary between 5 and 15 minutes depending on the work that is being done and what machinery is moving through the area.

On Monday, Aug. 15, crews will begin to mill the surface of the road in preparation for paving. Flaggers will be used to move vehicles around active milling operations.

Paving crews are planning on returning the week of Aug. 22 to lay asphalt on sections of roadway above Lee Hill Drive that are ready.

This will be a busy section of road next week, so please give yourself some time to get through and drive safely while navigating the area.

Saturday/Sunday = Delays only at two traffic signals.

Thank you for your time, patience, and understanding.

Have a good evening.



Andrew Barth
Boulder County Transportation