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September 8, 2017

City of Boulder and Boulder County finalize the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan

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Sept. 8, 2017

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Gretchen King, Planning, Housing+ Sustainability and Public Works, 303-441-3005

Barb Halpin, Boulder County, 303-441-1622

Patrick von Keyserling, Communication Director, 303-441-4959

With the renewal of the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) on Aug. 28, the City of Boulder and Boulder County have finalized the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan’s 2015 update, pending two decisions related to map changes in Knollwood and Spring Valley Estates.

For more than two years, city and county staff have worked with the community and decision bodies to update the plan. Through more than 40 meetings and “pop-up” events, 2 surveys, 15 workshops and significant online feedback, the community shared its goals for the future of the Boulder Valley. The final plan update incorporates community feedback by focusing on affordable housing, a better balance of future jobs and housing, resilience principles, quality urban design and ensuring we meet our climate commitments among other current needs.

The city and county jointly adopted the first IGA and BVCP in 1977. As a broad agreement of cooperation, the IGA articulates a shared vision for growth, development, and preservation throughout the Boulder Valley. It also ensures that the city and county will continue to work together to implement the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP) and respect both the urban and rural aspects of the City of Boulder and Boulder County.

Additionally, the approved IGA maintains four-body approval for the BVCP policies and for many map changes pertaining to areas outside the city growth boundary (referred to as “Area III”). Maintenance of “four-body approval” provisions means that city and county elected officials (City Council and Board of County Commissioners) and planning advisory boards (City Planning Board and Boulder County Planning Commission) will continue to play a critical role in most decision-making related to the BVCP.

The final step in the city adoption process occurs when the City Council adopts the plan by ordinance, and the council will review the BVCP ordinance on Sept. 5 and 19. The County Commissioners will adopt their resolution memorializing their approval the BVCP and sign the IGA in September. For more information on the IGA and BVCP visit: or