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August 1, 2017

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Boulder County’s Emergency Alert Notification System now offering severe weather alerts

Boulder County, Colo. - Boulder County residents and guests now have the ability to
sign-up for free severe weather alerts through a new Smart Weather service.
This service is an add-on to Boulder County’s emergency alert notification
system, Everbridge.

Everbridge is a system that allows residents of Boulder
County and all cities within the county to be notified of emergency situations
in a variety of ways including on their cell phone, home, and work phones and
by text messaging and email.

The new Smart Weather service allows users to pick where and
how they are alerted about severe weather. Multiple locations can be selected
to ensure users receive time-sensitive messages about areas that are important
to them such as their home, work and school. To register for Smart Weather
alerts please visit www.boco911alert.com. Registration for this service is
required even if an Everbridge account has already been established.

Outdoor warning sirens will continue to be utilized as a
notification system to warn people who are outdoors and in an immediate threat
of safety. During an activation, sirens will broadcast a voice message
immediately following the siren signal to inform the public of the situation
and what actions should be taken.

For questions regarding the Smart Weather registration
process, contact Ken Nichols at Kenneth.Nichols@longmontcolorado.gov or
303-651-8566 if you live in the City of Longmont, and the Boulder Office of
Emergency Management at 303-441-3390 if you live in any other part of Boulder
County or the City of Boulder.