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August 12, 2016

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Jim Webster, Wildfire Partners/
Boulder County Land Use

Boulder County Wildfire Mitigation and Forest Health Newsletter – August 12, 2016

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Forest Health News

Today’s newsletter covers the following:

  • Be Ember Aware
  • Ask an Expert Virtual Workshop Series
  • Removing Wildfire Retardants (aka slurry)
  • Declining Forest Health and Extended Wildfire Seasons

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Forestry Tip of the Day – Wildfire Mitigation Day at McGuckin Hardware on Saturday, August 13

This Saturday, August 13 is Wildfire Mitigation Day featuring Wildfire Partners at McGuckin Hardware in Boulder from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Enter free drawings to win prizes: Husqvarna chainsaw ($300 value), Husqvarna weed wacker ($200 value), Husqvarna Hi-Wheel Trimmer ($370 value), $500 McGuckin gift card, a tour of Boulder Fire Station #8 (priceless!) and more! To learn more visit:

      Smokey Bear McGuckins

      Be Ember Aware

      During a wildfire event, thousands of embers can rain down on your roof and the side of your home. These embers can come into contact to your home similarly to hail during a storm.” – Living with Fire Program.

      These embers can become lodged in vulnerable parts of your home, smolder, and subsequently ignite your home during a wildfire event. Embers have been proven to come into contact with and ignite vulnerable areas such as gutters filled with leaf litter or pine needles, decks with flammable debris on top or underneath them, deteriorating or damaged siding, unscreened vents or compromised screens, etc. Embers can find their way into any opening despite the size or shape. The “Living with Fire Program” has a wealth of information about embers, fire mitigation, and what homeowners can do to reduce vulnerabilities to homes, properties, and communities. Check out for more information.

      Ember Aware

      In Boulder County, the Wildfire Partner’s Program can help you identify
      vulnerabilities to your home, the vegetation around your home, and can
      make you become more “Ember Aware.” Please visit for more information. Also, check out Dr. Steve Quarles from the IBHS Research Center’s video on the “Power of Embers” at

      Ask an Expert Firewise Virtual Workshop Series

      Firewise will be hosting a FREE 1-hour workshop designed to connect wildland fire stakeholders with subject matter experts on Tuesday, August 16, 1 p.m. MDT. The workshop is titled “Get to Know the Home Ignition Zone.” It will cover the 3 distinct areas surrounding structures within a home ignition zone and identify how mitigation and maintenance in each section plays a distinct role in improving survivability during wildfires.” Please see to register for this free course.

      Removing Wildfire Retardant (AKA slurry)

      During the Cold Springs Fire, wildfire retardants (aka slurry) were used
      to help suppress and eventually contain the fire. Unfortunately, some people’s
      homes and property were in the slurry’s path and some may be looking for
      answers on how to effectively remove the slurry. Boulder County’s Office of
      Emergency Management has some helpful tips for removing the fire retardant
      safely and effectively. Quick tip: “DO NOT USE BLEACH!” – Boulder County OEM

      for more information.

      Fire retardant slurry

      Declining Forest Health and Extended Wildfire Seasons

      The decline in forest health and increased length of wildfire seasons linked to climate changed are pressing issues in Colorado. In addition, decades of fire suppression have left a legacy of unnaturally dense forests and high fuel buildups in many forested areas.” – Colorado State Forest Service

      To learn more please visit

      Colorado Forest Map

      Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you at Wildfire Mitigation Day at McGuckin Hardware. Tell your friends!


      Rick, Kyle, Chris and Jim

      Boulder County Land Use Department