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August 14, 2017

Boulder County Elected Leaders and Department Heads denounce White-Supremacist-motivated violence in Charlottesville, Va.

Boulder County, Colo. - We, your Boulder County elected officials and department
heads, denounce the very existence of racism and discrimination in America and
condemn all manifestations of racial hatred and bigotry such as the contemptible events on display
this weekend in Charlottesville.

Furthermore, we share a conviction that the deadly and
despicable white supremacist rallies and acts of violence that occurred in
Charlottesville cannot go unchallenged.

We believe that public gatherings that incite violence and
seek to oppress members of any culture, race, or community have no place in any
of our neighborhoods, our county, or our country. As community leaders, we
recognize how vitally important it is to openly reject white supremacy in all of
its forms wherever it occurs.

Similarly, we condemn efforts to marginalize and create
a system of inequality for people who have historically been, or are currently
being, oppressed by these and other actions and efforts aimed to intimidate or
spread fear.

This is not about assigning blame or suppressing an
individual’s rights to express opposing views. Instead, it is with deep urgency
that we address the cultural and systemic failures in our systems
that are promoting deep divisions within our communities.

This is why Boulder
County is committed to cultural responsiveness and inclusivity.

As a compassionate and inclusive county, Boulder County has
long strived to create equitable opportunities for all people to thrive within
our community. Our collective work, as a county and as individuals, is to
consistently examine and disrupt systems and behaviors which work to perpetuate

Together, we stand united against the precepts of white supremacy, and we pledge our ongoing commitment and support to reversing a troubling trend we
see developing in our country. As we mourn the suffering in Charlottesville, we
also use this time to reflect on other recent acts of violence and deliberate
attempts to discriminate against people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, and
we acknowledge that we must speak out when these acts of senseless aggression

Additionally, we must talk about inequities and listen to each other, countywide, in small spaces and large spaces alike. We must take a stand. This is how we will evolve, change, and transform into an equitable county for all.

So today, we invite you to stand with us and join us in
promoting a more welcoming and inclusive Boulder County. As your elected and
appointed county representatives, we’re inspired by the work we see every day
by individuals and groups helping to build bridges and create a more equitable
and accessible society for all.

Together, we’re committed to making Boulder
County a place that actively -- and deliberately -- respects diversity and is
inclusive for all.

Yours in service,

Boulder County Elected Officials

Cynthia Braddock, Assessor

Cindy Domenico, County Commissioner

Deb Gardner, County Commissioner

Stanley Garnett, District Attorney, Colorado's 20th Judicial District (Boulder County)

Emma Hall, Coroner

Hillary Hall, Clerk & Recorder

Elise Jones, County Commissioner

Joe Pelle, Sheriff

Lee Stadele, Surveyor

Paul Weissmann, Treasurer

Boulder County Department Heads and Appointed Officials

Frank Alexander, Housing & Human Services

Shawn Bleam, Information Technology

Robin Bohannan, Community Services

Dale Case, Land Use

George Gerstle, Transportation

Bruce Knight, Budget Office

Michelle Krezek, Commissioners’ Deputy

Bob Lamb, Financial Services

Eric Lane, Parks & Open Space

Ben Pearlman, County Attorney

Jana Petersen, Administrative Services

Julia Yager, Human Resources

Jeffrey Zayach, Public Health