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January 27, 2016

Boulder County Commissioners & Planning Commission vote on Boulder Valley Comp Plan requests

The County Commissioners deliberated their decisions at a public meeting on 1/27 following a 4-hour public hearing on 1/26.

The Boulder County Commissioners and the Boulder County Planning Commission have weighed in on whether to move forward for further consideration and analysis a series of requests to update the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP).

Yesterday's and today's decisions were part of Docket BVCP-15-0001, a Major Five Year Update to the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan. The decisions by the first two deliberating boards move certain policies and map change requests forward to the next level of consideration by the City of Boulder.

Public Hearing, Scorecard and Video Recording

A scorecard of votes by the Boulder County Planning Commission (1/26) and the Board of County Commissioners (1/27) is available along with full details about the county’s role in the Boulder Valley Comp Plan Update at:

Video testimony from the public hearing on Tuesday, Jan. 26 and the public meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 27 is available on the Boulder County Commissioners' Hearings & Records page.

Next Steps

The comp plan update moves to the City of Boulder for the next round of hearings. The Boulder City Council and Planning Board will meet Tuesday, Feb. 2, to review Area II and III properties, and that night the Planning Board will deliberate and decide which requests merit further study. City Council will meet Monday, Feb. 29, to deliberate and make its motions for the initial screening round.

More information will be available on the City of Boulder's website at: