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December 17, 2015

Boulder County Commissioners approve Inclusivity Resolution

Boulder County Commissioners approve Inclusivity Resolution

Boulder County, Colo. – On Thursday, Dec. 17 the Boulder County Commissioners approved Resolution 2015-133 in which Boulder County reaffirms its commitment to supporting inclusivity in our community.

The current fearful and hateful sentiment on the national and international scene, as well as recent local events, persuaded Commissioners to solidify their support of upholding inclusive practices in our community.

Sources such as the 2015 Community Foundation Serving Boulder County Trends report show that less than half of Boulder County residents believe our communities are welcoming to immigrants or racial and ethnic minorities. From more personal sources, it was brought to the Commissioners attention that our community members experience harassment in their daily lives. For example, a resident reached out to Commissioners to inform them of her daughter being cruelly harassed for her Muslim faith. A recent vigil remembering transgendered lives that were lost to violence highlights the effects of discrimination and exclusion. Boulder County’s programs and support systems, and the staff interactions with many community partners around equity and inclusion solidify the notion that there is still much work to be done.

“We decided to bring forward this resolution now because we need to be a voice for those who are vulnerable in our community,” said Commissioner Cindy Domenico. “We will not let the current loud voices of fear and exclusion stand without challenge. I believe we are all united under common desires – the love of family and community, a hope for a better place for our children, and the desire for religious freedom.”

In an effort to work with community members in Boulder County, the Commissioners have created an online forum for collecting resident ideas and suggestions for future projects. Residents can visit www.OurBoulderCounty.org to submit ideas, answer poll questions and interact with other community members about issues of inclusivity, equality and the well-being of all people in Boulder County. The hope is for policymakers, marginalized populations, community leaders and many others to work together in the creation of inclusivity-related projects.

A full version of the Boulder County Commissioners’ Guest Opinion on this topic was run in the Daily Camera on Dec. 13, 2015 and can be read online. The full text of Resolution 2015-133 can also be found online.

For more information about Boulder County’s current policies and procedures related to inclusivity, please contact Gabi Boerkircher at gboerkircher@bouldercounty.org or 303-441-3399.