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July 14, 2017

Bike-n-Ride Member Update – July 2017

Hello Bike-n-Ride Cardholder,

2017 is already shaping up to be a big year for the Bike-n-Ride program, and this newsletter is intended to keep you informed of our current projects and future plans. If you’d rather not receive updates in the future, please click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of this page.

Thank you again for combining bicycling and transit trips in Boulder County, and we hope you enjoy this update.

Alex Hyde-Wright
Bicycle Planner
Boulder County Transportation

We have rebranded to “Bike-n -Ride”

To be more consistent with other transit facilities (Park-n-Ride, Call-n-Ride, etc.) we have rebranded as the “Bike-n-Ride program.” Going forward, all new shelters will feature the new branding.


The Hover Bike-n-Ride Shelter is almost open

After some unexpected delay, key-card access equipment is being installed the week of July 17-21, with the shelter opening shortly thereafter! This facility will encourage bike trips to and from the Bolt in south Longmont, and provide commuters a secure option for bike storage. This shelter was constructed by the City of Longmont as part of their Hover Underpass project; funded by Longmont, Boulder County and a federal grant; and will be operated by Boulder County.

Once the shelter opens we will send out an email announcement with a link to request that Hover access be added to your key-card. Stay tuned!

Demonstration bus-bike racks now at 8th & Coffman, 14th & Walnut

If you need to bring your bike with you on the bus, the rack will allow you to practice loading your bike on the bus before you try it for the first time. We now have two demonstration bus-bike racks: one at 8th & Coffman, and a second at 14th & Walnut in downtown Boulder.

Demonstration bike rack

Bike pumps inside the Table Mesa, Diagonal and 8th & Coffman shelters

As a thank you to our members, we have added bike pumps to three of our shelters: Table Mesa, 30th & the Diagonal, and 8th & Coffman. The pumps are chained up inside the shelters. Due to repeated vandalism, we will be moving the pump and repair station at 14th & Walnut inside the shelter.

Bike tire pump

Longmont Shelters are being maintained by Chain Reaction Bicycle Service

Boulder County has contracted with Chain Reaction Bicycle Service, a local non-profit, to maintain the Longmont Bike-n-Ride shelters, remove abandoned bikes and let us know of any concerns. Look for these signs at the Longmont bike shelters and don’t forget to stop by their shop at 75th & Hygiene.

Chain Reaction

EB US 36 & McCaslin (Superior) Bike Shelter is under construction

A bike shelter on the Superior (EB) side of the US 36 & McCaslin Station is currently under construction. The concrete pad is complete, and Superior has ordered a shelter. The Town of Superior is constructing this shelter as part of the Superior branch of the US 36 Bikeway, and once it is complete Boulder County will operate the shelter. The shelter is expected to open in September 2017.

Superior Bike-n-Ride

WB US & McCaslin (Louisville) and EB US 36 & Table Mesa (bikeway terminus) shelters are in design

Designs are almost complete for these two shelters. After we obtain clearances from CDOT and go out to bid, we expect construction will begin in fall 2017 with the shelters opening before the end of the year.

Expansion beyond Boulder County

The City and County of Broomfield, The City of Westminster, RTD and Commuting Solutions are working on designs for two additional shelters on the US 36 corridor: Broomfield Station (WB) and Sheridan Station (EB). These shelters are funded, with construction expected late 2017-early 2018.

Current Shelter Locations

  • Downtown Boulder Station, 14th & Walnut
  • 8th & Coffman, Longmont
  • US 36/ Table Mesa Station (parking garage)
  • 30th & Diagonal Hwy, north Boulder