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August 21, 2017

August 2017 Bike-n-Ride Newsletter

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Hello Bike-n-Ride cardholder,

This newsletter is intended to keep you informed of current Bike-n-Ride projects and future plans. If you'd rather not receive updates in the future, please click "unsubscribe" at the bottom of this page.

Thank you again for combining bicycling and transit trips in Boulder County, and we hope you enjoy this update.

Alex Hyde-Wright
Bicycle Planner
Boulder County Transportation

The Hover Bike-n-Ride Shelter is now open!

After some unexpected delays, the SH 119 & Hover Street Bike-n-Ride Shelter is now open! This facility will encourage bike trips to and from the RTD Bolt transit service in south Longmont, and provides commuters with a secure options for bike storage. This shelter was constructed by the City of Longmont as part of their Hover Underpass project; funded by Longmont, Boulder County, and a federal grant; and, will be operated by Boulder County.

If you would like access to the Hover Shelter added to your keycard, please complete the card update request form.

Hover Bike-n-Ride

Updating our Terms & Conditions

In response to concerns about seemingly abandoned bikes, we are changing our Terms & Conditions to reduce the number of bikes that reside in our shelters for months on end.

Article 8 of our Terms & Conditions is hereby changed to:

8. The shelters are a shared space and are intended for regular commuters. For the shelters to function properly the bicycle parking spaces within the shleter must 'turn-over.' As such, using the shelters as storage for bicycles that are not regularly in use is prohibited. Users may park a bicycle for up to 30 days at a time in a shelter, after which period the bicycle must be moved outside the shelter for at least 1 day before returning. When the same bicycle is again parked in the shelter, it must be locked to a different rack. Bicycles in violation of this policy may be tagged and removed by Boulder County.

This is not an official policy, but if you're parking your bike in the 14th & Walnut shelter for longer than a week, please try to use the upper decks and leave the lower spaces for short-term users.

RTD Service Changes take effect Sunday, August 27, 2017

All service changes can be viewed on RTD's website, but two in particular may impact Bike-n-Ride users:

1. The new route 236 will provide 30-minute frequency midday service (when the FF4 is not running) between US 36 & Table Mesa Station and Boulder Junction, on US 36/28th Street.

2. The "L" family of routes is being renamed to avoid confusion with the new "L" light rail loop in Denver:

Old Name New Name Routing (same as before name change)
L LD1 287 local
LX LD2 287 express
LNX LX1 I-25 express north
LSX LX2 I-25 express south

East-Bound (EB) US 36 & McCaslin (Superior) Bike Shelter to be delivered and assembled at the end of August

A bike shelter on the Superior (EB) side of the US 36 & McCaslin Station will be delivered and assembled at the end of August. After the shelter is assembled, signage, electricity, and keycard access equipment will be installed. The Town of Superior is constructing this shelter as part of the Superior branch of the US 36 Bikeway, and once it is complete, Boulder County will operate the shelter. The shelter is still expected to open in September 2017, and we will announce its opening in a future newsletter.

Superior Bike-n-Ride

Boulder County is promoting the Transit App

Transit is a free app that provides real-time arrival information, schedules, a trip planner, and more for a variety of transportation options. If you ride transit, download Transit onto your phone. As an added bonus, it works in over 100 metro areas in the US and around the world.

Transit app image Transit app image Transit app image 3

Transit app banner

West-Bound US 36 & McCaslin (Louisville) and East-Bound US 36 & Table Mesa (bikeway terminus) shelter updates

Designs are complete for these two shelters and Boulder County will go out to bid for construction services in the fall of 2017.

Expansion Beyond Boulder County

The City and County of Broomfield, the City of Westminster, RTD, and Commuting Solutions are working on designs for two additional shelters on the US 36 corridor: Broomfield Station (WB); and, Sheridan Station (EB). These shelters are funded, with construction expected in late 2017-early 2018.

Current Shelter Locations

  • Downtown Boulder Station at 14th & Walnut
  • 8th and Coffman in Longmont
  • US 36/Table Mesa Station (parking garage)
  • 30th & Diagonal Highway (north Boulder)
  • State Highway 119 & Hover (southwest Longmont)