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February 10, 2017

20th Judicial District
District Attorney Michael Dougherty

Community Protection Division: 303-441-3700

Advisory from the Community Protection Division of the District Attorney’s Office

Solicitations have been made to obtain
“Deeds” to property

Boulder County, Colo. - Boulder County residents have reported to the Community
Protection Division of the District Attorney’s Office that they have received
letters encouraging them to obtain copies of the title for their property.

The letters invite homeowners to obtain a copy of their deed
for a fee of $89. Although the letters contain disclaimers stating that the
company sending the solicitation is not involved with any government
agency, they also contain verbiage which mentions “Boulder Public
Information” and “Local Records.” These letters are not official government communications and can cause confusion,
particularly when received by older residents.

Residents should be aware that they can always obtain copies of the
deed for the title to their property from the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s Office. Fees
are based on the number of pages included within the title, but typically the charge - including postage - will
be less than $5.

Residents wanting to obtain copies of their documentation can view details about this process on the Clerk & Recorder's website.

solicitation is somewhat similar to the letters we regularly see where
residents are encouraged to insure the pipeline running under their
District Attorney Stan Garnett says. "Although there is nothing in the letters that we view as
fraudulent, residents should know that
is much more economical to get their deed directly from the Recorder if they
want a copy.”

Residents can contact the Community Protection Division at 303-441-3700 or fill out a contact form.